Contemporary Swedish Music
  • ABBA
    • The 70's dance music is still enjoyed by millions worlwide. Have got new attention through ABBA Teens and the musical Mama Mia!
  • Aldén, Sonja
    • Singer and songwriter who has just released her debut album.
  • Al-Fakir, Salem
    • This is who he is! A naturally cool and open guy who really enjoys doing music.
  • Andersson Wij, Tomas
    • Look into this book, and you'll discover something new and interesting.
  • Appelqvist, Hans
    • Although my website is about mainstream pop music, I still have to present my friend who performs experimental music (or electronica, if you prefer that label). Well, maybe its the future of pop, who knows?
  • Ark, The
    • Wow! Welcome to ArkWorld, a place that really is something different.
  • Broder Daniel
    • A band with a long and somewhat shaky history. You have to register to read more...
  • BWO
    • Bodies Without Organs. Alexander Bard from the Army of Lovers is the gay icon of Sweden who always dress in shorts. As a graduate from the Stockholm School of Economics, he knows how to make a success out of every project that he undertakes.
  • Cardigans
    • The world famous Swedish pop export of the 90's. Always makes you feel warmer!
  • Dahlgren, Eva
    • Famous since 1979, she's now out with a new album, and it seems that she's still very popular.
  • Dawn Finer, Sarah
    • Check out this portfolio! A rising star if I am to give my opinion.
  • Di Leva, Thomas
    • A truly unique individual and artist. For people who long for a cosmic connection.
  • Dreamboy
    • Boys will be boys. I have nothing more to add.
  • Gadd, Eric
    • A professional, that's for sure. But then, what can you expect from a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics?
  • Gessle, Per
    • The former Roxette-star has been singing solo for years. But did you know that he originally was part of the folkpark-kings Gyllene Tider?
  • Hello Saferide
    • A special Swedish girl, with the name Annika Norlin, that is now touring the world. Friends with Maia Hirasawa.
  • Hello! Surprise!
    • A guide to Swedish pop music.
  • Hellstörm, Håkan
    • Formerly in Broder Daniel, this guy has a long history of moving people's hearts.
  • Hirasawa, Maia
    • Though, she's just her. Another special Swedish girl with Japanese blood. Used to sing background vocals in Hello Saferide.
  • Hives, The
    • Wow! Here's a really impressing music group. And what a site!
  • Karlsson, Sofia
    • Folk songs and ballads. Very Swedish indeed.
  • Kent
    • an extraordinary popular band in Sweden. Boys and girls: they all love 'em.
  • Laakso
    • Indiepop from the north of Sweden.
  • Laleh
    • Last year's new discovery. Relaxed and true.
  • Lekman, Jens
    • Like many other Swedish pop singers, he's from Gothenburg. Now he is touring the States.
  • Meja
    • Big in Japan. Not as big in Sweden. What do you think?
  • Miskovsky, Lisa
    • Lots of ballads. Lots of guitars. Easy listening.
  • Miss Li
    • No, she's not Chinese. In fact, she's not even Swedish. She's just alternative. Her real name is Linda Carlsson.
  • Moneybrother
    • He's getting bigger and bigger. Cash is king.
  • Neverstore
    • Representing the young rock/punk stage of Sweden.
  • Nilsson, Lisa
    • Beutiful lyrics and a wonderful sound. You'd better learn Swedish.
  • Robyn
    • Currently our biggest star abroad. No 1 in the UK. Got her own label. R&B rules!
  • Roxette
    • After ABBA probably the most popular Swedish music group abroad of all times.
  • Räisänen, Timo
    • Formerly playing for Håkan Hellström, this Swedish guy with multicultural roots have just released his third album.
  • Sahara Hotnights
    • Four hot Swedish girls who's not for the sizzy.
  • Sjöholm, Helen
    • More of a musical performer than a pop artist, but her voice is stunning.
  • Soundtrack of Our Lives, The
    • With fans all over the world, this band from Gothenburg has already secured their name in the history books.
  • Stenmarck, Martin
    • Girls love him!
  • Swedes, List of
    • Check out more Swedish music on Wikipedia.
  • Ternheim, Anna
    • With a sound out of the ordinary, she's bound to make herself a name soon!
  • Those Dancing Days
    • Now this is Swedish pop!
  • Tolstoy, Victoria
    • The first lady of Swedish jazz. Well, I have no other choice but to introduce her to you.
  • Winnerbäck, Lars
    • Ballads are big in Sweden, even when men performs them.
  • Zelmani, Sophie
    • Once a hot name, she's got to release a new album soon.
  • Åkerström, Cajsa-Stina
    • Well, what can I say, Swedish girls are good at singing ballads.


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