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Did you know?


...that Sweden is the fourth biggest country in Europe.


...that Swedish forests are open to everybody, as long as you leave them as they were when you came.


...that Swedish isn't all that different from Norwegian and Danish.


...that there are currently 9.1 million people living in Sweden.


...that Sweden is in the process of selling out its public enterprises.


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Welcome to Pop Sweden, the Nordic frontier of contemporary pop culture!

Here, we aim to present the hottest Swedish artists and trends, and to give YOU new inspiration in YOUR daily life.


This website is for everybody who likes pop culture, whether it is music, movies, comics, fashion, food and drink, travel, living, or leisure. But it also extends to contemporary art work, such as architecture, paintings and literature. The common denominator, though, is that it is all Swedish.

"Why discover Swedish pop culture?" is a legitimate question you may very well ask. My answer is that Swedish society was pioneering in its modernization, and Swedish people have since continued to shape and being shaped by its pioneering trends.

In fact, up to this day, Swedish culture constitutes a frontier in many fields. The facts section deals with some of them, but the main focus of this website is on popular culture, the mainstream world of dreams, the soundtrack of our lives.

Moreover, other Nordic countries haven't been slow to follow. Who haven't heard of avant-garde Danish design and architecture? About Norwegian paintings? Or about Icelandic pop music? Not to mention Finnish classical music. Still, Sweden remains the Nordic frontier of contemporary pop culture

About This Website

This website has been created with accessibility and user friendliness in focus. Thus, this site should not be seen as an example of contemporary Swedish design, but rather as a navigation tool.

Naturally, this website has its limitations. I just happen to be a big fan of Swedish pop culture, not a pro of any kind. And so far, I'm only managing the site on my spare time. Thus, advertisements and sponsored links are welcome. Together, we can make Swedish pop culture more known around the world.

Presently, this website only comes in an English and a Chinese version, but my ambition is to make it accessible in Japanese and Russian as well. (Of course, a Swedish version is also under construction.)

Finally, I would like to welcome all comments on this website, either by filling in the online form, or by mailing them to

Thank you!

Eric Veermets




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